The “dot Africa” By African for African

We took position on more than 200 “.africa” domain names with huge perspectives.
We refused until now European, US and Chinese sollicitations because of our “why” and the purpose of the “.africa” of african icann.
All individual domain name has to have his own business model.
The gates will be open to international companies (US, European, Asiatic, Russian) only after that African will be at the lead and decidors in these Start-ups
Are you an African citizen, or/and in Diaspora or/and an African entrepreneur ? Contact us to share and be leaders on these projects
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I need project/associate dev
I need partners
I need infrastructure 
I need financial support in early stage dev


Headquarter Africa

Avenue de la Justice 3-4, KINSHASA GOMBE (DRC)

Headquarter Europe

Administarter S.N.C (Belgium)

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